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The history of Fairytale

Once upon a time…

…a journey to the land of fantasy began in 2013. Band founder and guitarist Oliver Oppermann composed 10 special songs that expressed his rediscovery of acoustic guitar music with elements of Irish folk, pop folk and plenty of his own ideas on how to convey the magic of Irish folk songs with a modern twist. These songs, which were later included in the first Forest of Summer album, prompted the founding of the band and Fairytale was born. The band first performed with two young female musicians from Hanover’s Bandakademie on small stages locally, at insider festivals and the first nationwide events.

The unusual compositions and unique style quickly became popular and Hanover’s Magic Mile Music label offered to produce a recording that was made live at Kulturgut Poggenhagen in summer/autumn 2014. The group’s violinist and the singer left following a concert during this period. With the exception of one song dedicated to a conservation project, the recordings weren’t released.

Oliver got to know a violinist called Berit through friends and played part of White Rose with her. Berit was thrilled with the project and recommended Laura as the singer. During an audition, it wasn’t just Laura’s voice that they liked, the three became friends too. Berit and Laura were on board from then on and became the new face of Fairytale.

In spring 2015, they were already giving numerous concerts before recording the Forest of Summer album with its 12 songs at Hanover’s Magic Mile Studio in the summer. Drummer Micha Fromm, bass player Ron Oberbandscheid, cellist Rabea Bollmann and percussionist Kaveh Mahdadi were enlisted for the recordings. After it was published in the autumn, the album quickly established itself on the German folk scene and numerous interviews and guest performances at radio stations followed. English radio channels also put Fairytale’s songs on their playlists and Cotton Hill and Forest of Summer could be heard on Scottish and Irish live streams.

The winter of 2015 saw the shoot of the video to Palace of Mirrors where the whole musical concept presented itself in mystical almost fantasy-like images.

In April 2016, Fairytale played a support slot in Ritchie Blackmore’s mediaeval music project entitled Blackmore’s Night in Duisburg. They also impressed a tour promoter who booked them for a tour with The Dublin Legends until the end of the year. This tour was a huge success and the Legends invited the band to perform the famous Molly Malone with them every evening. On the tour, they also became firm friends with banjo legend Gerry O’Connor and Fairytale went on tour in Germany with his trio (consisting of Gerry O’Connor, Manus Lunny and Fiach O’Connor) in the spring of 2017.

Alongside a number of other concerts, Fairytale performed as the main act at the Triskell Celtic Folk Festival in Trieste/Italy in the summer of 2016.

Autumn 2016 saw the release of the second official Fairytale video to the new Autumn’s Crown song, which was already clearly focusing on the transition to parallel worlds. By then at the very latest, the band started to develop its comprehensive concept stage show with its own costumes and sets. The band now had a permanent line-up with Moon on the cello and Marvyn on drums.

In the summer of 2017, Fairytale were again a spectacular support act ‒ in the supporting programme of a concert given by Moya Brennan, the “First Lady of Irish Folk” (in her band Clannad).

2017 drew to a close for Fairytale with two outstanding support shows for the mediaeval music legend Corvus Corax in Berlin’s Passionskirche.

The second studio album Autumn’s Crown released on the Magic Mile Music label on 24 August 2018.

And the journey continues…