… discovered her first great love, the violin, at the age of six and has remained faithful to it ever since. She started taking lessons as a child and her whole life has been about music. She took part in a well-known German music competition for young people, joined several philharmonic and ensemble groups and was involved in folk and pop projects. The former first violin for Lower Saxony’s Youth Symphony Orchestra is currently doing her master’s in instrumental teaching. Berit loves combining classical music with elements of pop, similarly to David Garrett, but she also enjoys musicals and electronic music.

Fairytale is her first band and she can dip into her colourful kaleidoscope of interests and include them in the group – by using her instrument and voice. But her musicality isn’t the only thing she has to contribute: Berit loves to draw and paint and influences our stage sets with her skills and imagination. She’s been one of us since early 2014 and found it hard to say what her favourite experience with Fairytale was – “It’s Fairytale itself that’s the highlight,” says Berit. If she and Fairytale can encourage more people to dream again, be open to the music and have confidence in the imagination of their inner child – than the fairy tale’s come true for Berit.

„Come to the spirit of leaves in summer, come to the spirit of your life rising.“