… has been playing the drums since he was 10 and taught himself before taking lessons from numerous renowned drummers. But he also plays the guitar, tenor horn and didgeridoo. The versatile drummer joined us in 2016 and in addition to percussion instruments, has also been contributing his experience from jazz, blues and classical music to our group; artists as diverse as Johann Sebastian Bach, John Cage and Meredith Monk influenced him. Ten years of experience in improvisation, where he accompanied plays and performance art repeatedly benefit us and our story-based concerts and give Marvyn the chance to spontaneously accompany friends of ours like Hammerflausch (Bexbach, 2018). As a drummer, he has already been in crossover, funk, jazz and blues bands. He’s also experimented with African rhythms and gypsy folk – and picked up first prizes as a percussionist in competitions along the way. In his spare time, Marvyn would really like a garden with lots of animals – if he actually had any spare time. But that’s not something that comes about very often because there’s still so much music to discover and try out. And so for Marvyn, Fairytale has become part of a very simple but very big fairy tale at the same time: the chance to play music …

“Sailor you´re breathing water
The flesh of the sea.
Bound your soul to the shore of green Donegal”