… has been playing the cello since she was eight and the exquisite sound she produces has been enriching Fairytale since 2016. She gained experience performing on stage with Taiwanese bands Green!Eyes and Suming and Grimm in Germany. She’s interested in classical, jazz and indie music. Which is why Moon studied classical cello in Taiwan and is now adding another string to her bow with a course in jazz cello performance in Hanover. She has already gained formative experience performing with Taiwanese bands Green!Eyes and Suming Rupi as well as with Grimm in Germany. A range of different artists like Björk or Pina Bausch influenced Moon. Moon loves dancing, the theatre, literature and travelling to many different countries. She enjoys bringing home impressions and influences from her travels back home with her, whether these are of a musical, cultural or culinary nature. The latter has kept the wolf from the door more than once after band practice!

While performing with Fairytale, she hasn’t been able to forget the show in the Alsace whose green hills in the sunlight inspired us to come up with Golden Mountain. As creative and impatient as she is, she’s constantly honing her musical craft and dreams of sweeping audiences at home and abroad away with Fairytale’s music.

Rise up high the Golden Mountain to the cradle of my life“