… has many musical roots. He loves classical music ranging from Beethoven and De Falla, channelling his love of flamenco on the guitar in Tomatito and his own band Calima Flamenca – after all, he did learn the instrument from none other than the famous Paco Pena and is director of a guitar school in Hanover himself. He’s a huge fan of fusion jazz and was the singer of heavy metal band The Ordeal. But folk music is his true love: examples number Clannad, Moya Brennan, Jethro Tull and many more.

All of these influences play roles in Fairytale, but the band’s founder and composer has other passions he contributes to his favourite project: Olli draws our stage sets himself and is inspired by images, sound and text drawn from his love of fantasy worlds, from a master of his craft like Tolkien and the elven worlds of Bernhard Hennen’s novels. Fairytale allows Olli to live his dream of parallel worlds, underlying magic and the romantic longing for something else. Of the many lovely experiences with his band, there’s one that sticks out for Olli: Eamonn Campbell from the Dublin Legends was looking for a long-lost friend in Hanover – Olli found him and arranged for them to be reunited. Sometimes fairy tales really do come true too…

“The bridge towards the circle

The inner circle´s ground

Raven´s eyes could lead you

To lock up what you found”